Materials Used in Making Patio Covers

In this article, the anatomy of a patio cover will be explored as we look at the material components that make this home improvement add-on tick. The strength of any item is a function of the integrity of the components that go into its making. And, for a feature like a patio cover, which you would hope to have with you for a while, getting one made from a good material can be a huge money-saver. So, without much ado, let’s see some of the most notable materials used in the production of patio covers.


Aluminum is one of the most commonly used materials for making patio covers. The reason for this is not far-fetched as it is known to deliver an impressive degree of durability, and it is resistant to a host of harsh weather conditions. Setting up an aluminum patio cover is also quite easy as it only takes connecting sheets of metal together with fasteners – you may, however, need a professional to have it perfectly installed. Another good thing about using aluminum for making patio covers is that it naturally repels pests and insects – unlike the wooden types. That said, it will take some coating – through painting or some other means – to prevent the aluminum patio cover from rusting.


Vinyl is another massive material used in producing patio covers, and this is down to the fact that it can withstand different harsh weather conditions. This material imparts tremendous durability, and you can have your vinyl patio covers intact for over 20 – or more years. Vinyl is also resistant to corrosion and ultraviolet rays. It is yet worth noting that this material can be precast into the color that catches your fancy or complement your home’s outdoor space – there won’t be any need for painting.


As you might have perceived, Aluma wood is a mix of aluminum and wood, and it makes for a very attractive look. It is fast becoming a popular choice [of material] among patio cover producers. This very material has a look and feels of wood, and its sturdiness is majorly due to aluminum. Alumawood patio covers are revered for their flexibility and versatility, and they will easily blend with the design of your home’s outdoor space, boosting the aesthetics in effect. This material also ensures appreciable durability and doesn’t even rust at all.


Wood has also been extensively utilized for the production of patio covers, and it gives an elegant outlook to the exterior of your home. Wooden patio covers are not susceptible to rusting as the material is remarkably naturally resistant to rust and corrosion – as well as ultraviolet rays and moisture. Wooden patio covers will do well in the most extreme weather conditions; they are often recommended for use in very windy areas. Wood makes it easy to customize patio covers, and they are really affordable. The infestation of pests and insects may, however, create a notable problem in wooden patio covers – but routine treatment should take care of this.

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