Kitchen Remodeling Ideas that are Making a Comeback

With the current kitchen remodeling retro chic trends, it can be tempting to transform everything in your kitchen. As a homeowner aiming to do this style, you don’t have to tear down walls or spend much money to achieve the same effect. With the help of kitchen remodeling companies in Rancho Santa Margarita, you can upgrade your kitchen cabinets to make them look vintage.

The kitchen style of yesteryears is a reintroduction to today’s kitchen design. This, in many ways, transform a kitchen, bringing the eldest family members a nostalgic feeling of their childhood. Here are some concepts to recreate that retro vibe for your kitchen remodeling at Rancho Santa Margarita.

A Sunny Breakfast Nook

A favorite space by families during the early 20th century is a breakfast table near a window for natural light setting. Often, tables have light-colored tablecloths paired with colorful cups and saucers to serve breakfast.

Open Shelves with Glass Cabinet Doors

One feature of retro kitchens is the use of open shelving cabinets. This gives a kitchen an airy atmosphere and helps homeowners be mindful of what they put there. Items that are not of frequent use need to be removed from the shelves.

Wood Countertops and White Subway Tiles

People during the 1900s dating to the 1930s loved decorating their backsplashes with subway tiles. White is a default option. Wood countertops are often the go-to material to match the beauty of subway tiles. It creates a clean and hygienic look that is timeless, easy to maintain, and clean.

Black and White Flooring

To complete the look, black and white flooring will make it even more vintage. Diagonally placed, the checkerboard look will harmonize with the simple makeover. One can use linoleums or vinyl as options for easier installation.

These simple changes can make a significant difference in your kitchen. Let this infographic from Mr. Cabinet Care give you more kitchen remodeling ideas that are making a comeback.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas That are Making a Comeback

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