How to Secure Your Vehicle When Travelling Abroad

Not all of us have the luxury of a secure home garage to store our vehicles when we travel out of town. Some of us do not even have our own private driveways and have to leave our cars on a public road or in an apartment car park. If you do not fancy leaving your car exposed, there are plenty of solutions to secure your vehicle when you travel abroad.

Vehicle Storage Depot

If you do not have access to a secure home garage, the best place to store your car if you are going for a long period is in a vehicle storage depot. There are plenty of cheap storage solutions in Melbourne that guarantee to keep your vehicle secure when you are out of town. Storage units are great for personal belongings and vehicles because they offer a range of benefits:

  • Climate Control – Many vehicle storage units offer climate control as part of their storage services. Your vehicle will not be exposed to the elements as the warehouse is kept at a certain temperature all year round.
  • Affordable – Another good reason to use a vehicle storage unit is the price. You can store all sorts of vehicles for as little as 150 dollars a month.
  • Safety – Although a home garage is a good option, there is always a chance someone could break in and steal the vehicle. Vehicle storage depots have 24/7 surveillance and are generally protected by authorised access entry points.


If you do not want to leave your vehicle at home or it is simply not an option, you can always leave it at the airport. This only applies to cars and other vehicles that can be driven on the road. If you are storing a trailer or boat, you will need to get in touch with a specialist provider to see if they can accommodate your request. Vehicle storage depots usually have outdoor yards where they take care of larger vehicles that need more space.

One of the biggest issues with storing your car or van at the airport is the price, airport car parks can put a big hole in your wallet.

If you are interested in storing a vehicle in a secure storage depot, there are plenty of good companies based in the city. Before you leave your home, it is a good idea to prepare your vehicle for storage by giving it a good clean both inside and outside.

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