It’s normal to inspect your home for damage after a hurricane passes. It is important to inspect more than the exterior of your home. Your roof is one of the most important places to inspect. Here are some ways to check for hurricane damage on this important part of your house.

Be aware of the debris around your house

It is quite common for entire trees or limbs to fall during a hurricane. Most likely, any debris that has reached your yard must be removed and cut up. If you find branches next to your house it may be because they have crashed into the roof. You will need to inspect the roof again to determine if it is bent, ripped or had a hole punched through.

Look up

If there are bent roofing panels or branches sticking out of the roof, a simple look up from the ground can show you. Further inspection is recommended if there are any.

Inside the Attic

Go up to your attic during daylight hours if you have one. One sign that there are holes is light coming in, is the most obvious. But don’t stop there – check for water coming in and staining the attic ceiling. Watermarks can feel damp or dry, so be cautious if you don’t know for certain that they are from a previous, previously-repaired problem.

Check for Leaks

Roof leaks can often be found in your living space, regardless of whether you have an attic. These areas are most susceptible to leakage. Be particularly vigilant where walls meet ceilings. Check for chimneys and, if possible, the location of roof-mounted satellite dishes.

You might not notice any damage if it’s not raining when your check is done. Wait until it rains again before you check again. Check your attic as well.

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