Home Extensions: What Are My Options?

If your family is outgrowing the home, you have a few options; of course, you could sell up and buy a bigger property, which would be expensive, or you could extend your existing home. If you don’t fancy moving, here are your options to extend your home.

  • Two-storey extension – This is probably the most in terms of square feet, with either two or four rooms and a double-story extension in Basingstoke, you have the space you need and a significant investment that will bring a good return in the future.
  • Single storey extension – Obviously a lot cheaper and this will give you one large living room. It is important to build the same style as the existing structure, blending the extension with the home.
  • Modular structure – You could convert an old sea container, or order a prefabricated modular unit; all you need to prepare is a concrete base and your extra living space can be lowered into place by a mobile crane.
  • Loft or basement conversion – This would be the cheapest way to add some living space, as the structure already exists and your local builder would be more than capable of such a project. The builder can quote for the project and most will do their best to work to the client’s budget.

As you can see, there are a few options when you are in need of extra living space and with the help of a local builder, you can create the perfect extension. This will be a good long-term investment as the value of your home will rise significantly.

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