Finding The Right Bespoke Door for Your Home To Create An Excellent First Impression

Defined as a door not conforming to standard UK door sizes, also referred to as a made to measure door, bespoke doors are larger, wider, narrower, or smaller than a standard door. If your planning a self-build, renovating a property you’ve purchased or just thinking about refurbishing your existing home a bespoke door could form centrepiece of your exterior design plan. Choosing a bespoke door might be confusing and you are unsure about what your options are, we’ll look at all the information you’ll need and discuss the manufacturing materials. It’s crucially important to get all your design requirements correct as your supplier will be making the door specifically for you and you won’t be able to return it.

Finding A Supplier

Undertaking a search of local installers of specialist bespoke doors can have a double purpose, you can find a supplier for your door and get some design ideas by viewing their products. Using your favoured search engine type in ‘bespoke doors Oxfordshire or something similar, this will give you a listing of local companies. Take some time to view their websites making note of any design features which you might use or any companies which might be a good partner for your project. Cross reference any possible suppliers with consumer websites such as Trustpilot or Feefo, they give you an ideas of how well they are rated by their previous clients. Contact at least three bespoke door specialists as its always good practice to get multiple quotes for any major property works.

The Bespoke Door Process

Sourcing a bespoke door is very different from buying an off the shelf standard door, there are a several important factors for you to consider, these are –

  • Get your sizing right – it might sound simple, but this is a crucial element of the process, exact specifications must be correct.
  • Fire Rating – does your door need to be a fire door and if so what standard of fire safety will it need certifying for.
  • Manufacturing time – bespoke doors are a premium product, make sure you consider the lead time during your build process.
  • Materials – bespoke doors are manufactured from several materials, consider each carefully before making your choice.

Let’s now take a look at these materials and their characteristics, some might be better suited to your bespoke door than others.

The Different Materials

Giving your home a standout new look with a bespoke door is a great idea whether it’s a contemporary or traditional property, there are many choices to make with hundreds of finishes and accessories to choose from. Before making those decisions, you must choose the primary material, the available options are –

  • Timber – popular for its natural look, it’s a great insulator but requires more maintenance and is expensive.
  • Upvc – the budget option it is low maintenance and is energy efficient but is limited in design finishes and isn’t recyclable.
  • Aluminium – a great choice for the modern home, its durable and low maintenance but not the best thermally.
  • Composite – this mixture of materials performs excellently in all categories but is the most expensive.

Fitting a bespoke door will uplift any property and take their aesthetic qualities to new heights, I hope this short article has given you a good starting point to proceed with your bespoke door project.

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