Effective Landscaping Supplies: It’s More Than Garden Hoses and Watering Cans

Houston property owners, be they residential or commercial use space, want the best outcome from their landscaping investments. But “best outcome” doesn’t just mean your landscaper does a great job of planning, designing, and executing landscaping features around the property. It’s not a “one and done” outcome that property owners desire – they want continuity!

And maintaining those features requires ingenious landscaping and irrigation in Houston and anywhere in Texas. The old garden hose and watering can approach just won’t work, because it’s ineffective and expensive to maintain, especially when a well-planned landscape design includes:

  • Lawns and hedges
  • Ground cover elements
  • Flower beds
  • Shrubs and bushes
  • Trees
  • Hanging baskets
  • Container plants
  • Vegetable gardens
  • …and a whole lot more!

Blending these elements together requires skill and expertise, but it also requires sourcing irrigation supplies in Houston, that will support each of those ingenious landscaping features. While traditional irrigation supplies, like flexible hoes and watering cans may work wonders on small landscapes, larger, more complex designs require a more intricate set of irrigation accessories and supplies.

Supporting your Landscaping Needs

To understand why the right types of irrigation supplies matter, Houston property owners need to appreciate the diverse irrigation, aeration, and watering requirements for their landscapes. Professional landscapers understand the need to tailor systems of irrigation in Houston, to fit each clients’ requirements.

For instance, sprawling lawns may require support from a set of irrigation supplies that are far different from that required by smaller patches of grassy space. Could you just use a lawn hose to water both types of landscaping elements? Sure! But that could result in over-watering one part of the landscape, while denying the required amounts of water to another. And, with water a scarce commodity in most arid climates, such as Texas, water conservation must be a prime consideration when sourcing your irrigation supplies in Houston.

Unifying Landscaping Features and Supplies

Good landscaping design is for the long haul, including planning the supplies and tools required to maintain each unique landscaping element on an ongoing basis. And, of course, the supplies used by a professional landscaper, to support your landscape, will blend into each of the landscaping elements designed to your specifications.

Professional landscapers unify their landscape design features with the types of supplies they choose. They’ll have an array of these supplies, and will choose what works best, is discrete, is always sheltered from weather elements, and are aesthetically appealing, including:

  • Pipes and tubing
  • Anti-syphon fittings
  • Filters
  • Adjustable full circle sprayers
  • Support stakes for heavy-duty tubing
  • Clamps and Flow control valves
  • Water pressure regulators
  • Dippers, Feeder lines and Emitters

Less experienced landscapers, offering services for landscaping and irrigation in Houston, may string a network of flexi-pipe, snaking across various landscaping elements, to ensure water reaches every part of the property. However, professional landscapers know that preserving, managing, and maintaining your landscape requires more than simply “watering” those elements. The irrigation supplies they choose are purpose-driven to ensure the right amount of watering occurs, and at precisely the right time, and for the right duration.

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