Breathing New Life Into Your Faded uPVC Windows & Doors

One of the most common options for windows and doors in homes in the UK is uPVC, which is available in a wide variety of colours and is also affordable. They have excellent thermal and acoustic properties, so they can help keep your home warm and quiet, but they do have a pitfall. They can last for many years when you take excellent care of them, but their colour can fade after a few years of exposure to the elements, especially in direct sunlight. However, you do not need to replace them when the colour starts to fade in your uPVC windows and doors, as you can consider painting them instead.

Painting Your uPVC Windows & Doors

You cannot just go down to your local DIY store and get some paint for your windows and doors, as it requires specialist techniques to paint them correctly. You will want to use the services of a reputable uPVC window spraying company to do the job for you, and there are plenty of professional companies offering this service. You will want to search for local companies providing this service and look at their social media profiles to see the standard of work they do, and Facebook or Instagram are excellent platforms to look at to do this.

How The Process Works

Once you have used Facebook or Instagram to find a reputable company to paint your windows and doors, the process they use is relatively simple. They will first clean the window frame they are working on and ensure they remove all the dirt, dust, and grease from it. They will tape off the window frames and sand down them to ensure the paint can adhere to the surface.

Once the surface of the window frame has been prepared correctly, it is then ready to be sprayed in your chosen colour. The window frame will need two or three coats of paint to ensure a fantastic and high-quality finish. It will typically take a couple of hours to do each window frame, and the average house can be finished with a team of two or more in a few days. Once the job is done, you will be left with windows and doors that look brand new and can help boost your home’s curb appeal.

The Benefits Of Spraying Your Windows & Doors

When the only problem with your windows and doors is how they look and are still fully functional, you will not want to go to the expense of replacing them. Having them sprayed by a professional company specialising in this service is significantly cheaper than replacing your windows and doors, costing between 20-30% of replacing them. It is also a discreet process, and the workers do not need to go into your home and can do everything outside. A professional team can do them quickly and transform how your home looks within a couple of days, creating the illusion that you have replaced your windows and doors.

If your home’s uPVC windows and doors are starting to look tired and drab, but work perfectly, consider having them painted rather than replacing them unnecessarily.

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