Attention Novice Homeowners: Essential Services you Might Need

If you have recently bought your first home, you are to be congratulated, yet there are certain responsibilities that come with property ownership. The average two-storey home is a complex structure, with water, electricity and waste networks that run through the building, not to mention the wear and tear from the harsh British climate and here are a few numbers to store in your smartphone to help with property maintenance and repair.

  • Roofing contractor – This tradesman is important and you should locate a local contractor and ask him to inspect your roof annually. If the worst should happen and your roof springs a leak, he is the person to call.
  • Drain cleaner – Hopefully, you will never need his services, but if your drains do get backed up, resist the temptation for a DIY fix; it’s hard enough to find the blockage without clearing it and the drain specialist uses CCTV buggies to inspect the drainage system.
  • Local electrician – When you want a few extra power points, there are affordable local electricians in Mexborough who can carry out the work. A complete system inspection is advised every few years, which would reveal any issues. If you suddenly lose power and the neighbours don’t, the first thing to check is the safety cut-out switch and if this has been tripped, call your local electrician.
  • Emergency plumber – Hoping you will never need to call the plumber in the middle of the night, but if you do, try to find one that doesn’t ask for a callout charge.

If you pre-source all of the above numbers, you will be ready for almost anything!

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